Natural Testosterone Boosters

It is nearly impossible to imagine men without testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is in charge of the growth of external male genitalia including the development of male functions and characteristics. Deepening of the voice, body hair, and facial hair are also attributed to the hormone. This big change usually takes place around puberty when the transformation in testosterone levels is blatantly obvious.

Basically, testosterone is responsible for the change when boys turn into men. Unfortunately, the production of this hormone in the body starts to slow-down with age. This slowing down occurs after a male passes the age of 30. After the 30 years, men start to lose testosterone at the pace of 10 percent each decade.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

Men may require the use of a testosterone booster if they have abnormally low testosterone levels called hypogonadism. Symptoms can include:

. Erectile dysfunction
. Reduced sex drive
. Fatigue
. Depression and mood swings
. Sleeping disorders
. Decreased muscle mass

Types of Testosterone Pills

Testosterone pills are used to improve testosterone levels and they are also used by many young boys to assist them in improving their muscle and strength. Testosterone pills are produced from chemicals that are completely safe for the body. They are assured to go safely through the liver and to be absorbed by the liver without any problems.

Testosterone methyltestosterone and undecanoate are two of the most popular supplements. Most doctors prefer testosterone undecanoate because it is absorbed by the intestines without difficulty and there is less possibility of adverse side effects on the liver.

Testosterone pills are administered two ways. One way is to ingest them with water. There are sub-lingual pills that are placed under the tongue and dissolved.
There are many advantages to taking testosterone boosters. The key advantage is ease of use. Ingesting pills or permitting it to dissolve beneath the tongue is fast and can be done under most circumstances.

However, these pills are normally processed and eliminated from the body in a brief amount of time, even as little as two-hours. Therefore, frequent doses must be given to sustain the right amount of testosterone levels. The necessity for several doses each day can be a choice that is expensive in relation to other treatment utilized to raise testosterone levels.

Testosterone Pills Benefits

Taking testosterone pills has many benefits and the natural ingredients are essentially good for the body. Here is a list of some of the benefits of taking testosterone pills:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved levels of oxygen
  • Improvement in red blood cells
  • Increased libido
  • Increased bone strength and muscle mass
  • Improved self-confidence


Like many kinds of hormone-replacement therapies, it is vital that testosterone pills are taken under the supervision of an accredited physician. This is required so that a doctor can systematically test the amount of testosterone inside the body and guarantee that the testosterone level is normal. A doctor may adjust the dosage if required on the supposition that the cause of the reduced levels in the patient is due to temporary-injuries, like an accident or some type of surgery that momentarily weakened the body’s capacity to create testosterone.