Micro Bikini

It is undeniable that women fond that bikini is made to show off their beautiful bodies, but some women often make mistake by wearing bikinis without matching with their body-types. Actually there are few kinds of body shapes of women, thus apple body shape, pear body shape, rectangular bodies, hourglass bodies and round body shapes. By knowing your body shape, you can do a mix and match to find the best tpe of bikini.

The bikini models are changing from time to time. The first bikini invented by French was created a two-piece suit and used to wear in the beach. It was an outrageously tiny swimsuit. As time passed, bikini went through several changes and getting smaller and smaller. There are many more sexy clothes like thong and string bikini. While they are still popular, micro bikini has come and bring new looks and even sexier. Micro bikini is only for those who dare to wear, and there is one strong advice to shave cleanly because with micro bikini, hairy exposure will not do.

In choosing micro bikini, make sure to choose the fabric well to avoid skin allergies. Micro bikini will be worn a lot under the sun exposure, so do not forget to put on sun protection for all your skin. Before buying one, compare the price, and buy only the original one, from the sites which sell specific for the micro bikini.

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