Local Search Marketing

Local search imageOne of the integral component of internet marketing and search engine optimization is focusing on local search marketing. Maybe less than 50% of search engine marketer and online business only targeting global searches which is too broad and not specific. Some internet marketer even don’t realize that working on local searches for their business is really effective. They are relatively very low in competition and the target market is very specific and accurate.

Recently, business marketing through yellow pages, radio ads and even television are becoming less and less effective. Investing budget for phone book advertising and through radio will have less result compared to search engine local search marketing. Marketers who stuck in the old way of marketing method will find this as a very bad news.

The reason is simple. Google has improved its algorithm by adding local searches in its result. The fact is, back in 2007 Google revealed that 73% of the activities of the internet searchers are related to local searches. Most people who want to find something to buy will probably almost always do a local search like buying golden retreiver dog in Texas, finding cheap apartment in Florida, or something similar like that. It is so make sense and may be this also what you usually do in using search engine, right?