Learning Vietnamese

Do you have a partner, good friend, or relative who speaks Vietnamese?

Learning Vietnamese, like learning any kind of language, has specific benefits. As soon as you are able to do it you’ll find benefits relating not just to language but also to music. Scientific study has found out that those who speak melodic and tonal languages like Vietnamese and Chinese are nine times almost certainly going to have excellent pitch compared to those who don’t. Learning Vietnamese can significantly benefit travelers who want to learn about the country and communicate with the people.

Vietnam’s official language, is a tonal language which can be compared to Cambodia’s official language, Khmer. With every syllable, you will find six different tones which can be used, that change the definition and also it frequently makes it hard for people form other countries to pick up the language.

Vietnam originally used the Chinese writing system, but todays Vietnamese writing is based on the Latin alphabet with some extra letters for tones. Vietnamese is one of a few languages in Asia which uses Latin alphabet rather than symbol. Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam, where the majority of the nearly 70 million speakers of the language live. In written form, Vietnamese uses the Roman alphabet and accent marks to show tones. This method of writing called quoc gnu. At some point this system, replaced one using Chinese characters (chu nom), which in fact had been the unofficial written form used for centuries.

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