How to earn money with my YouTube channel

How to earn money with my YouTube channel

Building a brand identity and audience base as an influencer is not all it takes to succeed as an influencer. You still need to be able to earn money from your YouTube channel. Yeah, you are not in it for the money, but since influencing and maintaining a YouTube channel and logistics will probably take most of your time, you do not want to pack up business after a couple of months leaving your fan base in the lurch. You need money to finance your influencing career, and you should be able to earn enough to support yourself as well since it’s an investment. Therefore, you need to learn how to convert your fan base into cool cash enough to fund your brand and support yourself. Making money from your YouTube channel requires a lot of strategizing, acting and re-strategizing.

One very important tool to make a success of this method is a good understanding of your YouTube stats. This is because how much you can earn depends solely on your YouTube stats. Therefore, the first step is to create and maintain a stable fan base.

The following are examples of strategies which will help you make money from your YouTube channel:

Become a YouTube partner to earn from ads

The primary revenue stream you need to explore is ads. However, before you can earn from the ads you need to become a YouTube partner. You can easily apply to be a YouTube partner through the Creator Studio Section of your YouTube account. You go to the channel menu to verify your account and then enable monetization. After becoming a partner, you will need an AdSense account to opt into Google’s advert network before you can be paid for ads. After successfully doing this, a green dollar sign ($) will be placed right beside your videos in the video manager which will be proof that they have been enabled for monetization. Very easy to set up, right?

•    Sell your own goods

A better way to earn money on YouTube is by making your goods. This can be in form merchandise such as t-shirts, polos, mugs, backpacks, snapbacks, tote bags and any other merchandise you can think of. This will be a success once you have a fan base and brand identity. For example, Roman Atwood markets a lot of Merchandise with his Smile More brand identity. Note this: whatever merchandise you are planning to sell, ensure it is what your dominant fan base personalities will benefit from. For example, if your niche is sports, you can merely create merchandises such as yoga wears, sweatpants and sweatshirts, exercise mats, gym bags and any other thing that falls into your niche. You only need to make adequate YouTube marketing efforts for it by including it in your videos and posts.

To create branded merchandise, you can order for a graphic design art on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr before sending for printing on the merchandise. You can even enter into a partnership with the store selling the merchandise to produce on demand and dropship to the buyers. This is easier and less stressful as you won’t need to bother about logistics, storage, and shipping. You only need to transfer order details to the supplier for fulfillment while you keep your profits.

•    Market your video elsewhere

You need to build your followership beyond YouTube. Spread the news about your YouTube channel on other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is a good way to pull traffic to your YouTube channel as viewers from other social media networks will likely want to watch other videos from you. They might even share your video link with their friends if it is engaging. If you are already influencing for a brand, anytime there are offers such as discount or promo, market it outside YouTube too.

•    Try Affiliate marketing

You can join affiliate networks and market the products through your links on your videos. Just ensure you choose products which are related to your niche. For example, if your niche is female fashion and beauty, you should market affiliate products such as makeup, female wears, lingerie, feminine footwear, and clothing accessories. This will translate into more sales than when you sell products that are not related to your niche.

•    Take advantage of YouTube Search engine Optimization (SEO)

You should study and understand the concept of Search engine Optimization (SEO). After this, try to create videos using keyword and phrases related to your niche. Also, ensure the keywords are informative and essential to the main subject of the video you use them for.

•    Find sponsors, enter into a partnership with them and Create sponsored contents for their brand

A lot of organizations and brands need influencers through who they can create brand awareness and market their product. You only need to source for sponsorship from brands in your niche, partner with them and create tailored contents for them. These brands most times do not require anything out of the ordinary. It could be a simple action like putting on one of their outfits in your videos if it’s a fashion company or even using their products. What’s more? You even get paid for using their product. You can search for sponsor companies using tools like Noxinfluencer.  Noxinfluencer as a platform makes cooperation and sponsorship opportunity between influencers and companies/brands readily available. Just create an influencer account with Noxinfluencer, you can then create a search content using keywords in your niche. Voila! You will see prospective sponsors who are in search of influencers like you. Even signing up as an influencer on Noxinfluencer exposes you to sponsor companies too who might be in need of influencers in your niche. One other advantage of using Noxinfluencer is that your interest as an influencer is protected and you are not charged any commission from your proceeds.

•    Create polls and quizzes

A lot of websites such as allows you to create quizzes & surveys for free easily. All you need do is create survey questions and infographics questionnaire for your audience and invite them to answer it. You can even do so on behalf of brands who want to measure the acceptance of their products.

•    Self-publish a book

Since you now have a YouTube presence in your niche and your fan base is growing, you should write an eBook related to your niche. You only need to develop the idea, research on it and write. For example, if your niche is in foods and human nutrition, you can simply put together a recipe for specific meal types your fan base are interested in learning. You can partner with virtual writers on platforms like Freelancers or Upwork in order to get a professionally written EBook. All you need do after this is market your EBook through your videos and other social media. You can even create a giveaway for dedicated fans.

A lot of brands and companies are using YouTube to promote their brand identity and products. However, they cannot do this alone without the help of influencers to help them with YouTube marketing. All it takes from you is the dedication to creating quality contents and maintaining your fan base. They will come finding you themselves since your reputation as an influencer will be in your YouTube stats and will attract them to you.

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