Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween costumes are costumes worn around or on Halloween, a festival which falls on October 31. Following the mid-20th century, the costume for Halloween was worn by adults just as much as children.

Sometimes though it is too late for that and you need something quick, easy, yet still clever. Here are some Halloween costumes ideas that may inspire you.

Goth Maiden Witch
Two tone, floor length dress with lace up front, bet shoulder drape and beautiful matching hat.

Big Witch Nose
Use all latex wounds and effects with feathered edges that fade into your skin.

Wear a cute dress in the Candyland game theme colors. Attach candy canes, lollypops, licorice, gum drops, etc to your clothes.

Wear white pajamas with horizontal stripes, and wide-brimmed black hat with a yellow hatband.

Fortune Teller
Dress with scarf skirt, ruffled underskirt, sequined waist sash, and bandana. Add the vinyl belt and six fortune teller cards.

Rip and shred the black dress. Go bare-legged. Don’t forget to walk with a shuffling gait for maximum authenticity.

20s Gangster Mens
Wear a jacket with attached shirt and tie, hat. Don’t forget your tommy gun.

Attach a pair of devil horns. Add a devil tail, cape, and carry a devil’s pitchfork.

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