Gravity Forms Coupon Code Discount


If you are looking for form management plugin for WordPress, you will love Gravity Forms. I use it in all my website now, and it’s amazing. Example of using this form is in here, Submit Themes and Contact page. I wish I use this plugin long time ago. The price is worth it.

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Here are some features of Gravity Forms:

  • Version 1.3.13 introduces new inline HTML content blocks for your forms. Include textual content, imagery, scripts or whatever you would like to enhance your forms.
  • Import/export form functionality has been added in version 1.3.13. Now you can build your forms, export them as backups or import them to use on other sites.
  • We have added an option to the email notifications to disable auto-formatting of paragraphs. This option gives you complete control of the email formatting using HTML.
  • We’ve enhanced the post custom fields to let you choose from various field types. Custom fields can now be email, website, multiple choice, drop down lists, hidden fields and more.
  • Running a contest and only want the first 50 people to be able to submit an entry? Now you can limit the number of entries a form can receive.
  • Gravity Forms is compatible with Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin for role management. Have granular control over what users can and can’t do within Gravity Forms.
  • Gravity Forms makes it easy for users to upload an image when creating a post via a user submitted form. Great for user submitted articles, directory sites, etc.
  • Gravity Forms now makes it easy for users to select the post category when creating a post via a user submitted form. You have complete control of which categories are available.
  • Send automatic emails to users in response to a submission. Add any form field content to your message to create professional and personalized messages.
  • Let your users help with data entry. When added to a form, our Post Fields create a post when the form is submitted. Great for user submitted stories, job postings, directories, etc.
  • Need your entry data for other applications? Easily export all or part of your entries to CSV. Our export tool makes it a breeze to export only the fields that are needed.

Their support is amazing, too. This is very important thing to consider before you decide to buy something.