Fiji Holiday

Trip to Fiji is one of many destination I want to go for holiday. There are many things that Fiji Island offers for holiday. Enjoying cocktail while sunbathing by the pool is not the only thing can be done in Fiji. Fiji is also very popular with scuba diving because there are some places with beautiful scenery under the sea. Beautiful coral reefs and bright coloured tropical fishes will be swimming around you. For more you can do diving with air tank, instead of snorkeling.

Water sports are fun and various here like windsurfing, hobby cat and water skiing. There is also another activity, surfing. Many people like to try different waves in different beach. Try to surf in Fiji beach. For back packers, there are plenty if choices of facilities ranging from all the inclusive meal and bed packages or others that have their own amenities and cooking facilities.

The one that I really like to try in fiji all inclusive resorts is having a relaxing time in Fiji spa. The sensational Fiji massage is different with other spa in other places. You can be totally relax and wine down and catch up on some reading. People in Fiji are very talented musically. They love to play guitar and often time you can see Fijian tribal dance with the combination of singing and music.

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