Equestrian Arena Footing

It has been few times I made a post about equestrian. There are many aspects to talk about in the world of equestrian. The word equestrian means the art of horse riding. It can relate to hobby, sport and also art. Horses are trained to do things like to be ridden, jump, controlling herd animals on a ranch an even for police works. Horses are also used in harness racing, at horse shows and in other types of exhibition.

Today, the most popular horse sport is racing. It also related to gambling and betting than just a sport. Polo in the other hand is still interested by some people, even though horse sport is not in its sparks.

Horse riding requires a lot of practice and it needs a lot of free time. Beside that, because horse riding is also known as sport for rich people, it needs money. Not a small money by the way, but quite big because normal people don’t spend money just to buy a horse and beside the horse this sport is also require clothings accessories and horse equipments.

The other thing to equip horse training in a stable is the arena footing. This is a unique rubber granule that made from scrap tires. This granule will absorb shock and make comfortable for horses.

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