Electric Candle Warmers: Candle Warmers That Are Safer

electric-candle-warmersElectric Candle Warmers are fast becoming the preferred choice for people who wish to burn candles. A candle warmer is a solution that allows you to heat wax that is embedded with fragrance and that wax releases a scent when warmed.

Electric candle warmers are much safer than traditional scented candles.

If you’re looking for wholesale candle supplies or even perhaps fun favors for parties, candles and candle making supplies are excellent gifts for all ages, gender, and lifestyles. Wholesale candles supplies allow you to create and manufacturer dozens and dozens of scented candles for the same price as just a few candles. If you’re a candle in the easiest, or you have a candle had it, then purchasing wholesale candle supplies is the best route for you. For example, a good idea to get discounted candle supplies is to signup as a consultant for the candle company and then receive commissions on all your purchases allowing you to realize a discount.

The alternative to an electric candle warmer is a battery-operated candle warmer. The problem with a battery operated candle warmer is that you have to replace the batteries throughout all the candle warmers in your house. Not only will you have to keep a healthy supply of batteries around, which cost you money, you’re not going to get the dramatic effect like you would with an electric candle warmer.

Candle warmers come in many containers. There is the large apothecary jar, the crock candle warmer, and of course your standard candle jars. Companies like Scentsy create artistic candle warmers that are not your average-looking candle warmer. If you’re a candle enthusiast, Scentsy is worth checking out.

Candle warmers, and more specifically flameless scented candles, are much safer than traditional flame- based candles. Since there is no open flame into flame a scandal, you can have several warmers throughout your house. If you were trying to do this with traditional candles, the result would be several small fires burning throughout your home. This leaves many uneasy.

Electric and a warmers, and more specifically ones that are manufactured by Scentsy, use a 25W incandescent light bulb to allow you to heat a wax tart dropped into a ceramic dish. These waxed tarts come in many fragrances. You can even combined fragrances to make new fragrances. For example, you can combine and vanilla and orange to make Orange Soda scent! Seriously, it smells exactly like an Orange Soda!

It goes without saying that scented candles are fun favors for parties. Not only do you and your guests pass around the fragrances and take turns smelling them, but you can even experiment at the party by combining different scents to make new, exciting scents.

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