Directory Submission, Automatic or Manual?

Directory SubmissionDirectory submission is the process to submit a page or a website to several different online directories, for example, Google directory. The advantage of directory submission is to expose a website to potential visitors.

There are two ways of directory submission: automatic directory submission or manual directory submission. Automatic directory submission involves downloading a software that will automatically post the website to multiple directories quickly. This way will save much time, and usually are much cheaper in comparison with manual submission. The disadvantages of automatic submission are that they are usually having poorer quality than manual submission, and much less likely to be ranked and indexed. The software’s are also unreliable. Many important directories being bypassed.

Manual directory submission is visiting each directory one by one, and submitting your page, or website manually, repeatedly. The directory entries will be of much higher quality and have a greater result of being accepted and indexed. The other advantage is that you will have more control about which directories to submit into. This way, you are able to target any potential niches.

There are many websites are offering this service at a nominal price. If you are looking for higher quality and result, SEO manual Directory Submissions services are perfect choice.

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