Different Careers for Artists

If you have studied or are considering studying art, you might be wondering where that could take you. What kind of career would a professional artist have and how might that look? Believe it or not, there are more artistic professions today than ever.

Graphic Designer

Man editing photos on a computer

A graphic designer can specialize in multiple areas of design. Within this larger career path, there are smaller specializations including video production Phoenix MD, web design, packaging design, marketing and advertising and more. Typically graphic designers will use computers and software to create virtual images or creations used for marketing, advertisement or entertainment. While some clients might require in-person meetings, often these services can be done remotely which gives the designer more freedom to work from home or travel abroad.

Interior Designer

Interior designers specialize in creating rooms, settings and décor. These kinds of designers will focus on making a space aesthetically pleasing, functional, safe and well put together. Interior designers can work from blueprints and design a room from scratch or they can remodel an existing room. By working with the lighting, color, furniture, patterns and textures within a room, an interior designer can really transform how a space looks and how a space makes you feel. This profession is great for artists who are detail-oriented and have a fashionable taste.   


Musicians can find work in various settings depending on whether they are looking to perform, teach, write or produce. You can work in a school if you enjoy working with children. You could also consider performing, scheduling tours and traveling around booking live sets. While musicians dedicate a lot of their time to practicing, they provide people with music which is said to bring happiness and relax people’s minds.

As an artist, you are exceptionally creative. Now it’s time to bring your creativity to the professional world. Luckily, there are several avenues to take your artistic skills down and make your living.

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