Clothing Labels That Stick

Other years when I was getting my kids ready for camp, I would sit there and sew on each and every label to my children’s clothing and other personal belongings.  I was told that that is the only way to ensure that the labels stay on.  The next year when I was telling a friend that I got to start with sewing my labels on, she looked at me like I was crazy. She couldn’t believe that I was actually sitting there and sewing on labels. She told me that sewing on labels is so old fashion.  What she does is, she uses iron on labels form label for everything.  With a couple of strokes of an iron and by applying a bit of pressure, the labels adhere right away.  She swears that she never had any trouble with them.  They stay right where they need to be even after numerous washing cycles.  Sounds too good to me, but hey I’m definitely going to try it this year.

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