Blogger Template: The Green Gel

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This is my first 3 column blogger template, and fit for 1024×768 screen resolution. I use Adobe ImageReady CS2 to design this theme (I usually use Adobe Photoshop). I still have to learn this program more and more. If you have trouble when using this theme, please don’t hesitate to tell me, I will appreciate that.

*How to use this template*
So simple, download the *.txt file, and copy-paste to the blogger template box. But don’t forget to backup your old template first. The image is already hosted so you don’t have to find another place to host the template images.

I added the green feed icon to this theme, to match with the background. All you have to do is change the url of the feed icon with your feed address. Of course you have full authority to change or erase this feed icon if you don’t want to.

In the recent photo section, you can add your photos manually, or if you have account in, simply add it here.

I also add the translate tool from “”:

If your blog reader like your post, they may save and share it in social bookmark like, or technorati. You can see other social bookmarks in “ “:

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