Best Image Hosting

I’ve just trying ImageShack and I like the way ImageShack hosts my images. It is free, unlimited, easy and fast. I am totally love it! Before I use Flickr and Photobucket, but I think they are not as fast as ImageShack.

This are some of ImageShack’s tools and features:

  • ImageShack Toolbar: integrates with Firefox, Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows XP and has drag-and-drop, right-click upload, and many other features. (I love this toolbar, it made my job easier.)
  • ImageShack QuickShot v1.52: integrates with Windows XP, 2000, or 2003 and allows you to take a screenshot and upload it to ImageShack with the press of a key!
  • ImageShack QuickSend: upload images to ImageShack by emailing images as attachments. QuickSend is compatible with cameraphones! (I haven’t try it yet, but I will.)
  • ImageShack Syndicate: Place the ImageShack upload form directly into your website or message board and allow your website visitors to experience the full power of ImageShack’s image hosting. (I haven’t try it yet, but I will.)
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