Are You A Beginner Golfer

templatepanic golf website templateHere are the tips for you if you are a beginner golfer. Too many people give up before they actually begin. It’s because golf is a game of habit and it requires patience.
The golf swing is a side action, not up and down action.
Don’t imagine that you are swinging a baseball bat. It is different.
When setting up to the ball stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly and bend down from your hips with your back straight.
The most important thing that many beginners miss is grip the golf club lightly.
Swing it as smooth and rhythmical as you can.

There are so many techniques in golfing, and it brings confusion for the beginners. Learn the basic things. Once you get used to the basic, you can start for the advance one. See Myrtle beach golf packages for having golf as recreation and practice.

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