Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture

In this era of computer and technology, RAS (Raliability, Availability and Servicability) has become the most needed in any technology. For developing the next generation of processors for communication equipments, many product designers are trying to develop these requirements. Techology of electronics, the most needed tools for people in this era is continuing to evolve. Higher speed, tighter integration, enhanced functionality, lower power consumption, greater reliability, increased testing requirements, those are what needed now. In order to achieve that, AdvancedTCA or ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) is the largest specification effort is the largest specification effort in the history of the PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group. There are many big technology developers like AMD, Intel, Motorola, ST Microelectronics, Altera, Xilinx, Cypress, Microchip, Lattice, National Semiconductor and many other developers join to develop these demanding product requirements.

One of the leading companies like that works in AdvancedTCA should be a partner with the customers. Relationship with customer by surpassing expectations through innovation, quality workmanship and unmatched support and service is the key of success.

The growth of many ATCA company in thie 2012 is significant with the increasing technology in this planet. It makes them still a global leader in embeded computing technology. The growth should include all aspect in the company, thus includes support system, product logetivity and of course the research and development.

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