A Guide To Moving House

moving houseConsider what you need and what you don’t need to take with you. You should make a priority packing list. Throw away your rubbish. Separate items that can be given to charity or your friends.

Calculate how many boxes you will need. Get boxes from your local shops or supermarkets. Buy boxes in variety of sizes. Don’t fill large boxes with heavy stuffs, they will be too heavy to move. Make sure to keep the weight of all boxes to a minimum to avoid any back injuries. Pack your heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.

Use old newspaper for lining boxes and to wrap your breakables stuffs. Any breakables should also be wrapped in bubble wrap. Put the hazardous materials (paint, bleach, aerosols etc) into a separate box and make sure to keep them away from the other stuffs. Pack your important stuffs and carry them with you, such as your documents, certificates. Keep them in a safe place. Label each box with details of its contents and the room which it belongs. Label boxes that contain breakables. Keep all boxes for each room together to save time unpacking.

For you who plan to moving your belongings yourself, hire the right van, do not too small or too big.

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