3 Digital Marketing Expectations vs. Reality

Digital Marketing

1) “We will go with the flow instead of creating a goal”

Expectation: Strategy is good when I make it big for now I can opt-out

A client needs a strategy to create an effective product, but if you can’t convince a client of its necessity, you won’t be able to create one for them.

Some clients cannot see the value of a strategy. This might be because they don’t understand the chain of events, or because they cannot comprehend that it will take weeks to launch a blog.  

Reality: Digital marketing without a strategy is useless 

As digital marketers, we know that you need to have a plan in place before you begin. Even if you aren’t as process-oriented as we are. 

Put your strategy in writing so it’s non-negotiable which means they have no choice but to follow through on your plan if they work with you. You can present them with past testimonials and metrics of proof to show them that a strategy will work. 

2) “I am a good writer, I can write my content for my website!”

Expectation: Writing is the same everywhere, and anyone can publish anything.

Writing is a skill anyone can learn if he or she chooses to learn it. However, does that individual have the time to grow and improve their writing skills simply because they’re attempting to save some money by writing their copy themselves?

Reality: Copywriting is a standard part of a good business strategy, and your client will not achieve their goals without it.

Digital marketing content is different from other forms of writing. 

The fact that you can prepare a good proposal or contract for your client does not mean you can craft effective, skimmable web content or email content that drives people to click through. 

Many professionals don’t write their own copy. Even the best copywriters don’t write their own web content. They can be too close to their brand, less able to think outside the box, or not able to focus on what your clients value the most.

Professional content must be non-negotiable for your clients, if they sign up with you, they get professional content.


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