Oke mending langsung saja. Belajar Textpattern lebih enak dimulai di localhost alias di jaringan komputer lokal (tidak connect dengan internet), karena dengan begini kita nggak perlu menghabiskan bandwidth atau biaya internet. Apalagi jika kita ingin mengutak-atik tampilan template blognya supaya cocok dengan yang kita inginkan.

Ini yang kita butuhkan:
# Download script “Textpattern”:http://www.textpattern.com/download yang terbaru. Sementara ini yang terbaru adalah *textpattern-4.0.4.zip*…

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3 Column Blogger Template: Lives Art

Published on October 9, 2006


My new 3 column blogger template. The layout is almost the same with the theme I use for my TemplatePanic blog. The blog content is in left side, and the sidebar is in right side, divided into 2 column. This “Lives Art” theme has the best view in 1024×768 (or higher) screen resolution.

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The New WordPress Theme: Jenn's Friend?

Published on October 5, 2006

When I create this Wordpress theme: Jenn, I had a thought that I will create her friend so she will not be alone:) I still don’t have any idea. Maybe I will make 3 column layout for this theme. The main color will be blue or brown.

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Ganti Template Lagi

Published on October 4, 2006

Ini ganti templateku yang keempat kalinya sejak TemplatePanic berdiri. Yang pertama aku masih pakai Wordpress (2 template), lalu pindah Textpattern (2 template juga). Dari semua template aku paling suka yang terakhir ini ;). Template ini jelas belum sempurna. Aku pengen nambahin beberapa…

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Tips: Google Search

Published on September 21, 2006

*link:www.templatepanic.com* will show you pages that point to TemplatePanic’s home page. *blogger template site:www.templatepanic.com* to find blogger template only on TemplatePanic’s site. *related:www.templatepanic.com* will list web pages that are “similar” to TemplatePanic homepage. *info:www.templatepanic.com* will show information about the TemplatePanic homepage. *define: template* will show you a list of definitions for “template” gathered from various online sources. *allintitle: blogger template* will return only documents that…

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My First Website Project: www.icasby.com

Published on September 19, 2006

Since I found “blogger.com”:http://www.blogger.com in April 2006, I think I’m falling in love with blogging world. There’s nothing more fantastic than having own blog with cool name, host it for free, adding and editing post anytime you want, with very easy way, do anything you want with your blog, and much more. So I tried to learn more about blogging from the internet and books….

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