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What Is A WordPress Theme And Where To Get A Theme For Your Site

What Is A WordPress Theme

So you just started creating a site with WordPress platform. A WordPress theme is essentially a simple and accurate description of your site’s focus. WordPress Theme is a way to skin your site.

Before choosing which theme to use, you should already understand the purpose of your site. Your theme should provides more control over the presentation of the material on your site.

Where To Get A Theme For Your Site

One of best place to get a WordPress theme is from the WordPress Theme Directory, the official site for WordPress Themes. Themes available in there are already checked, and are they are free to use. For example, if you want minimalist design, you can go with a theme created by me, Brightpage WordPress theme.

Paid themes usually provide extra functionality and flexibility to your site. I prefer for they have great design from top web designers.

My second favorite place to get a paid theme is Currently there are 74 beautiful designs in the collection, and you can get all of theme for only $39 per year.

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