A home business or home-based business is defined as having a business in the comfort of one’s own home. This type of business usually has a small number of employees where majority or all of them are family members, have no shop frontage, corner parking and street advertisement. This type of business is usually regulated by residential zoning policies.

Home Business Misconception

One misconception about home-based businesses is that the owner only works at home. This is not true for all cases. There are owners who only use their house as an office for scheduling work activities and then go to other places to render their specialty or services. Some of those who do such are truckers, software trainers or interior decorators.

Benefit of a Home Business

Many opt for a home-based businenss because of the low maintenance cost. Owners do not have to pay for rental fee and spend for transportation. They only get to think about the electric and water bill every month (which also covers the house’s bill).

Zoning Policies for Home Business

Before opting to start a home business, one should consider the zoning policy of the place. Some areas or zones are not allowed by law to run a home business. One reason of it is that it may disturb the whole neighborhood. With such, know your local policy before taking a step towards running a home based business.

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