All about Flowers and Florists Even before flowers are delivered to their recipients, careful attention must be given to them because they are a natural product which is perishable. The keeping qualities of any natural thing is affected by maturity as in other natural creation. When flowers are mature and able to withstand irregularities, then that is the best time to cut them. In the early mornings or late afternoons during the cool of the day, flowers are filled with the food that they have stored and they are very fragrant and that is thy this is the best time to cut them. We have to remember that cutting a flower off a mother plant cuts off their life support system and this is the reasons why they need continuous water supply after they are cut. When a flower stem is cut, the cut part begins to suck air instead of water and so air bubbles will be present in the cut stem which obstructs that water from rising. They are placed in lukewarm water right after cutting to prevent this. The tool that must be used for cutting stems is a sharp sterile knife, a pair of scissors, or a pair of pruning shears and not dull tools because they can crush or injure the stem which can impede its ability to draw water. To give more surface area for water absorption, it is important to cut the stem in a slanted way rather than cutting is straight across.
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Floral arrangements and floral gifts are also hand made so they are not done quickly and no one arrangement is completely identical. Styling of the flower arrangements are done with care and each one has its own distinguished form.
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In other words, there are many variables that will determine whether a flower will last as long as anticipated or whether a designer has created something which you will enjoy. The flowers are then delivered after they are cut and arranged. When flower deliveries don’t arrive on time, it frustrates the customers. But there could be a number of reasons that even includes the buyer. The buyer may assume that the flower shop is at fault when in reality, there are a number of reasons why your delivery arrived late. When you give an incomplete address, you order late or when you make sudden changes, it can cause delays in delivery. Buyers should know the delivery policies of the business and they are entirely responsible for complying with this because if it’s the flower shop’s fault entirely, they could lose their business. It is not enough to simply click on your order and pay, but to ensure that you delivery will come on time it is also necessary to talk to the florist about your order.