Spider Web Theme For New Blogger / Blogger Beta. Download and use this theme for free. The instruction note is available in the zip file.


How to use this Blogger theme:

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Army Color Theme For New Blogger / Blogger Beta. Download and use this theme for free. There is instruction note available in the zip file.


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The Globe

March 25, 2007

The Globe Theme for Blogger Beta (New Blogger). Finally, this is my 3rd Blogger Beta Template, after the “Sun Flower theme”:http://www.templatepanic.com/article/3-column-sun-flowers-template-for-new-blogger-beta and “3 Column Blogger Beta Template in Maroon”:http://www.templatepanic.com/article/making-3-column-blogger-template-for-blogger-beta. Download this theme for free.


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February 22, 2007

Jumong theme is based on a popular Korean historical drama series. Jumong was the son of Hae Mo-su (a legendary soldier of Korea) and Yuh-wa (princess of the Habaek nation). Since the father is a very good archer, Yuh-wa named her child ‘Jumong,’ which was said to mean “skilled archer”.

Jumong Theme’s live demo |

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*My new Wordpress template, Movie Times*. This theme combines the contrast colors, black, white and light green. It has the good place for your Google Adsense. I also put the codes for “bookmark this post to del.icio.us” and “digg this post” in each post.

Live demo– |

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Textpattern In Maroon

February 19, 2007

Textpattern in Maroon is a Textpattern template based on a WordPress theme, “Fadtastic Theme by Andrew Faulkner”:http://fadtastic.net/theme. It has the liquid main column and fixed side columns. Tested successfully with Textpattern 4.0.3 Download: [download#124] How To Use This Theme:

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Visit http://bloomberry.blogspot.com to see the demo |

This is a 3 column Blogger template for Blogger Beta. The template’s width is 995px (best preview in 1024x768px screen resolution). I edited the Blogger Template Style Rounders 2 and changed it to three column template. Thanks to “http://hackosphere.blogspot.com”:http://hackosphere.blogspot.com/3006/09/3-column-templates-for-blogger-beta_01.html for the great articles and tutorials.

How to use this template:

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