Google is currently revolutionizing how consumers find products and different businesses from the Internet. 20% of these searches in the Internet are the local searches.

This means a search was not consultancy services, was not just consultancy service rather it was “consultancy service in Ohio” or “Baltimore consultancy services”. Interestingly 50% of mobile searches are location based.

These are potential customers ready to buy the service or good. They may be in a ready to do the purchase and also finding where the product is.

A question knocks to a businessperson, how do you turn the location-based inquiries into business for your company? This is by optimizing your Google maps company listing.

Getting Listed

Listing on Google maps is by simply signing up, for listing to be done. Create a Google + account and then list your business. Within few weeks, your company will be in the list.

Get ranked

This will depend on the searches of prospective customers. The results for a search are a list of businesses and the location of the company. The position on the list will be the determinant plus utilizing that entire Google offer when creating your account. Click here to learn more…

Ways to improve the company Ranking position

1) Have different categories with your business listing. Each category should describe your company

2) Including Business Pictures, the pictures should tell the companies story, which can include awards won, shows and trade fairs attended, conferences rooms or offices. Ambiance usually affects customer’s opinion and perspective, hence essential.

3) Include a video, this is especially useful for service-based businesses describing your company uniqueness, it also works best to show the establishment ambiance.

4) Filled details list, when listing your business include any detail that is important to your intended customers, this includes availability of parking, WIFI or working hours.

5) Have a business website, if your business doesn’t have one, it is the time to put a simple website for your business. A blog will also work if becomes hard to put up one. The website should use the same keywords used in Google maps.

6) Reviews, the businesses with the greatest reviews are usually ranked high in the Google maps. It is usually hard to be reviewed since the reviewer must be using a Google+ account. Furthermore, the first reviews should be from family members, repeat customers and friends. They can be helped to review when in the business by opening them Google+ account and submit their reviews.

Keep updated – After being listed, business updates should be prompt.