When the time comes to buy an IEC 61850 certified LTE router, you might be confused regarding what you will need. If so, you aren’t alone. Routers will not be like vehicles in that there are lots of designs to pick from. Nearly all are much the same in appearance, so how can you know what to watch out for and what helps make each and every product different? First of all, you need to figure out what you will need in terms of a router. Do you want to invest in an LTE router for high temperatures or maybe an LTE router with serial and ethernet ports? If that’s so, you’ll find that you’re confined in your possibilities. Once you’ve determined if an LTE router with extended temperature range is necessary or if the router requires special plug-ins, you can proceed to other elements using the narrowed list. Following are some things to search for when purchasing a machine of this type. Routers incorporate a pace that is labeled in megabits per second (Mbps). Some older routers typically enjoyed a velocity of 11 Mbps though mid-range 802.11g routers feature a speed of 54 Mbps. If you choose to purchase a newer 802.11n router, you’ll find you may get speeds of up to 450 Mbps. While you might be persuaded to select the router offering the quickest velocity, authentic overall performance will deviate plus your router can’t improve your Internet connection pace. You may find that you are spending money without obtaining the desired benefits. Manufacturer’s warranty is yet another aspect to consider when selecting a router. While virtually all routers come with a warranty, they do vary greatly in terms of what they include as well as for how many years. Keep this in mind and read the terms and conditions thoroughly. You want a product which has an extended warranty as this means the company is without a doubt confident in what they are providing. Lastly, you might choose to purchase a router from the exact same corporation that made your wireless network adapter. Many believe that this provides better performance because the vendor has already evaluated the compatibility of the devices. Maintain the above in your mind when the time comes to choose for outstanding end results. Your router performs a large part in your all around satisfaction when utilizing the net. Do not cut corners when choosing, but don’t purchase more than you need to. Find the center ground and you are therefore sure to be content with your new router.