So you have decided to try to make money from your hobby. Your hobby could be similar to mine, I create sea glass jewelry. I decided that I wanted to try to sell the jewelry. I decided to start by attending small local craft fairs. Tables usually run around $40 for these fairs. Spaces at larger fairs can run upwards to $250 or more. Of course there are so many different factors that can affect traffic at a craft fair. I like to use the time to talk to other sellers to see what other craft fairs the attend. You may want to try selling your jewelry at consignment shops. I remember the first time I approached a shop about a consignment, I was very nervous. I am lucky that the owner liked my jewelry and was happy to display it in his shop. I have had jewelry in four different consignment shops. I have learned that every one has a different feel and I try to accommodate the area it’s in. You will generally find the shop owners to be very helpful when it comes to pricing and determining what will sell in their shop. You may also want to consider offering your creations online. There are several online sites you can join where you can set up a shop. The interface is fairly easy. You may also want to consider taking advantage of social media, like Facebook and Twitter to help market your creations. I know that I’ll never get rich from my hobby, but I enjoy the creation process and as long as it is paying for itself I feel good about it.